Robert Krewedl - PortraitRK DESIGN OPTIK GMBH

Robert Krewedl,

born on the 24th of June 1958 in Stuttgart is a professional optician, also experienced as a representative.

In 1991 he founded his own company RK DESIGN


Deliberately conscious, Robert Krewedl named his eyewear – company RK DESIGN, simply using his initials in addition to the suggestive "DESIGN". This portrait shall be about the company, more over: about the small but very fine manufacturing of designed eyewear. Within a short period of time RK DESIGN became a so called "Top Adress" without using well known cloth – designer`s names, sticking their brand onto simply fabricated glasses in order to push sales – Robert`s design made him his name. Robert Krewedl was always clear it - "Perfection can't be improvised!". Too short a time, to realy tell the RK DESIGN – Story, but as many of the younger designers, it all started at a optical fair in Germany. The result was striking. Mostly handmade, a large variety of colours convinced the professional visitors, a variety most products of bigger quantities are not able to afford any more. The order-books full to capacity – the successful eyewear – company was on it`s way. Today there are several collections, those from RK DESIGN World-wide in the displays of prominent optics specialist shops. Customers immediately realised the clear and beautiful design of modern times and they sold fast.

Robert Krewedl creates the new look of a fine art in wearing glasses..

"Because perfection can't be improvised!"